UThini uShembe emhlabeni:

"This is the platform for the NBCE leader uNyazilwezulu to pass his message, share His teachings, doctrine and divinity with the world".

Vuseleleka Moya Wami:

"The programme that deals with the preaching, where NBCE seniors get to teach members of the church about most things in NBCE".

Umthandazo weSabatha:

" This programme deals with the written doctrine of Shembe the founder Prophet Isaiah Shembe. Members read information written by the Prophet in the hymn book during early 1900s".

Umnyakazo woNyazi:

"The programme covers the movement of UNyazilwezulu, leader of NBCE as He is mobile, since the church has membership nationwide and internationally".

Imigidi yoNyazi:

"This programme focuses on the spiritual dance, which is a particular dance practiced by members of NBCE which serves as prayer in most conferences the Leader attends".

Ikusasa Lethu (Our Future):

"This programme is a youth talk show, based on Shembe religion, NBCE".

UShembe Nomuntu Omusha:

"The NBCE youth magazine and lifestyle programme".

Imicimbi yamaNazaretha:

"Weddings, Imikhehlo , imemulo and most traditional events performed by members of NBCE are screened under this programme titled Imicimbi yamaNazaretha which translates The functions of Nazareth".


"The compulsory morning service performed daily by NBCE nationwide, however the programme focuses on where the leader gather conferences".


"This is a compulsory evening service practiced daily by NBCE members thanking the Lord for a day spent praying for a good and safest night ahead".

Phila kahle, Phila Kade (Health Talk):

"A health magazine talk show which is conducted by qualified doctors and medical practitioners from within NBCE".

Izwe noMthetho Walo (Legals):

"A law based talk show where law practitioners from within NBCE deliver legal advices and awareness in the RSA law".

EzaseKhaya neNgudlungudlu (Women Talk Show):

"This is an NBCE women magazine and talk show programme".

Inhlalisuthi nobuNazaretha- EBuhleni (Men Talk Show):

"This is a talk show that will tackle all aspects of a daily life of NBCE men".

Emagumbini Omane (Off the track):

"This programme focuses on profiling all the places that UNyazilwezulu, leader of NBCE visits during church conferences".

Singcebeleka neziNgqwele (One on One):

"In this programme, we get close and personal with prominent people within NBCE, getting to know them better".

Kafuphi (Round Up):

Izindaba zo-Nyazi TV (SUTV NEWS):

"News that is accurate and truthful, compiled by our news team". team".

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